Stitches of Hope

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The beautiful knitting that you see at the back of church has been created during the past year as part of the Stitches of Hope project. Within the next few weeks it will go down to Romford from where it will be distributed to people in Eastern Europe and/or Syrian refugees. There are many ways in which you could contribute to this outreach project …

How could you be involved?

  • Of course more knitters are always welcome. You can knit anything you fancy and we can provide wool if you run short. The pattern for the squares can be found in the boxes at church or at the end of this article.
  • You could add wool (preferably double knitting thickness) to the boxes. Even small oddments are welcome – they can all be incorporated into squares.
  • You could volunteer to help sewing up squares.
  • If you have a knitting machine we would be delighted to hear from you since there is a large amount of coned wool waiting to be knitted.
  • In this time of economic hardship costs continue to rise and Christian Hope International is appealing for money towards the cost of sending items abroad. We can give you their address or forward to them any donation you feel able to make.

For more information contact Kate Stocks or Jokhim Meikle
(Kate: 449 1763 – Jokhim: 449 4276)


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North Aisle display of things to be sent this autumn, 2017

Things to be sent this autumn, 2017

  • 33 blankets
  • 16 baby jumpers
  • 23 child jumpers
  • 3 child cardigans
  • 13 baby hats
  • 3 pairs of child gloves
  • 1 baby dress