Thought for the week, 9 July 2017

By Jenny Daniels

Today we celebrate Music Sunday and the way in which music enriches our life and worship at St Mary's and St Anne's. Being a member of the choir has been an important part of my life since first coming to Moseley. To have the range of singing and the joy of performing together in our worship of God is a responsibility and a privilege. Mick and the Friends of St Mary's choir are such an important part of this.

We hear the words from the Bible and prayer book every week, but music has the ability to penetrate even deeper than words. The effect of music, whether sung or listened to, has the capacity to express yearnings which even words can fail to do.Our longings, joy, hopelessness, the call for justice are all expressed by religious music.

It can touch on so much: hurt, disappointment, mourning, broken hearts and relationships, joy, a new birth, a wish for a better world.

The reading from Matthew has particular resonance today; "Come to me all of you are heavy laden and I will give you rest." In a world which can feel frightening and unstable, it is reassuring to know that we can take our fears and hurt to God. Whether it is the global situation or our personal troubles, Jesus hears our inner thoughts and shows that following his example of humility and gentleness we can be healed. When we sing and make music we are offering a special kind of prayer, bringing together praise and thankfulness.

Let the rhythms of our music echo the love and healing power of Christ.