Thought for the week, 29 October 2017

By Richard Tetlow

What shall I do today and this week? I have 24 hours (minus eight for sleep and necessities), but I have so much to do – or so little. What or who shall I choose out of my paid or voluntary work, my friends, sick people and my leisure interests. How do I choose my priorities. The same question applies within these features of life on a different scale. Who and what shall I see or do, precisely?

Church life also presents a vast choice of priorities but not just in action. In addition, it asks of each of us, what do I believe? What should I believe? Should I ignore believing and stick to belonging or ignore both and stick to behaving? Which is my priority?

There is one priority of life which according to Mark and Luke as well as Matthew in today’s Gospel was recommended by Jesus. In the footsteps of his Jewish elders, his commandment was to ‘Love God and love other people as yourself’. I would go for that. It fits believing, belonging and behaving. Besides, loving is also our prime natural human experience.