Thought for the week, 11 February 2018

By Elisabeth Leicester

Palestine AD 33

Dear Friends,

It was an ordinary day in Palestine. Jesus took three of us for a walk, nothing unusual in that, we’d been up the mountain before. There was a fantastic view, but that was nothing to the way Jesus looked, absolutely transformed and glorified. He talked with Moses and Elijah. Then a cloud came and God Himself told us to listen to Jesus, surely wanting us to practise His teaching. Then it was all back to ordinary life again. But that glimpse of glory will be with us forever.

I must stop and go fishing or the kids will have nothing for tea.

Yours, James

Moseley AD 2018

Dear Friend,

It’s been an ordinary day here. A bit wet, nothing unusual in that. I rather rushed my Bible reading (regrettably, nothing unusual in that, either), but I read about the glory of Jesus at his Transfiguration, and noted the importance of listening to him. As I returned from the school run, I saw glory in many things, in the snowdrops and in the lovely smile from a woman in a hijab.

I must finish and go to the supermarket or the kids will have nothing for tea. But I’ll be looking for more glimpses of glory wherever I go.

Yours, Anon