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Here you will find a variety of information about the Moseley Benefice. There are several sub-sections listed below, each with a number of articles. Additionally there is a sub-menu on the right containing the same links plus some others.


Benefice Activities

Select from the many activities undertaken in the Benefice.


Moseley Inter-faith Group

Moseley has long celebrated its diversity, but it is easy to become complacent.

This group believes uninformed tolerance is not enough. Only relationships based on mutual knowledge and respect can withstand bigotry and prejudice. Members of the faith communities in Moseley have been meeting regularly to get to know each other and to work together for:

  • A better understanding between our faith groups
  • The welfare of our neighbourhood and city


  • Hamza Mosque and Islamic Centre
  • St Mary’s Church of England
  • St John and St Martin’s Roman Catholic Church
  • St Columba United Reformed Church
  • Birmingham Buddhist Centre
  • Moseley Synagogue at King David School
  • Baha’i Community, Moseley
  • Hare Krishna Temple
  • Moseley Road Methodist Church

If you want to know more about our work we can be contacted via:

Moseley Community Development Trust
0121 449 6060

The Story So Far

For many years the Muslim and Christian communities (and, indeed, other faith groups) have lived "in parallel" in Moseley but in September 2001 neighbourly links were forged between senior members of the Hamza Mosque and a group of Christian Ministers (Anglican, Methodist , Roman Catholic and, later, United Reformed), first on an informal basis and then as Moseley Inter-faith Group, meeting at the Moseley Community Development Trust. Gradually the Group has expanded to include representatives of the Buddhist, Jewish and Baha’i faiths. Our activities have included:

  • Joint meetings on themes such as Pilgrimage, Fasting and Charity
  • Invitations to each other’s worship centres
  • Visits to other Inter-faith groups and
  • Participation in Moseley Festival

Our programme has focussed on getting to know one another and on understanding each other’s faith better. In establishing these friendly relations we hope and believe we are making a small but significant contribution to the general wellbeing of Moseley and the wider city.

We would like to thank the Moseley Community Development Trust and the Roger Hooker Memorial Trust for their kind help and encouragement.

images/speech-bubbles-with-question-marks.pngThere are many puzzles in life, intellectual, practical and what-not, but unless we talk about them they can pull us round in circles. Here we encourage thoughts that are different, not main stream, out of the box, off the wall or whatever… You can send your article to us and we'll publish it in here. Why not start a conversation in our Comment and Debate forum? You'll find that listed under Listening and Reflecting.


Here is a list of brochures and leaflets describing the project that you are encouraged to download. In the subcategories below are articles giving descriptions and news of the project as it progresses.

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We are launching a major initiative that will see the benefice engaging in an exercise of listening and reflecting. It will last several months and draw upon the whole church and the wider community.